New Member Candidate

Prospective Member Instructions & Application

New Member Candidates must be sponsored by at least two Academy members who are well acquainted with the candidate and will serve as sponsors. Completed application must be received by the Academy Secretary by January 1 prior to the Annual Scientific Session at which the candidate's nomination will be considered.

The candidate's application will be acted on by the:

  • Credentials Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • General membership of the Academy

The new member will be recognized before the general membership during the Friday Luncheon at the Annual Scientific Session.

The new member candidate must:

  • Complete and sign the Membership Application form (click on the APPLY NOW button below)
  • Forward the nomination form link, to their Academy sponsors

  • Complete payment of membership application fee (includes the registration fee for the Annual Scientific Session at which your nomination is being considered but meeting registration is still required)
  • Appear for an interview with the Credentials Committee, scheduled on the Thursday immediately preceding the Annual Scientific Session

The Academy member sponsors will:

  • Affirm that the candidate is deserving of nomination
  • Sign and return the application to the Academy Secretary by January 1 prior to the meeting at which the candidate's nomination will be considered
  • Appear before the Credentials Committee on behalf of the candidate, if requested
  • Complete and submit the online sponsor/co-sponsor nomination form (please note, only Academy members will be able to log in to access the link below):

    Nomination Form

Step 3: Log-in Credentials upon submitting online application

Upon submitting the application form and payment, the member candidate will receive a "Thank you for your membership application" email which will provide the candidate with their login information for the Academy website. At this time, the applicant will be granted guest-level privileges and will be able to login and edit their member profile, but will not have access to members-only pages.

Step 4: After being approved for membership, the AAFP Webmaster/Treasurer will:

  • move the member profile into the appropriate membership category
  • approve and provide the new member access to members-only materials through member-level access
  • once approved, the candidate receives a "Welcome to AAFP Membership" welcome email