American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics

Stanley D. Tylman Research Awards

Sponsored by the Editorial Council of The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry



First Place Winner

Dr.Michele Buda
University ofWashington


Second & Third Place Winners

Dr.Stephanie Zeller
Texas A&M University College Of Dentistry
Dr. Konstantina Angelara
University ofWashington

Previous First Place Award Winners

2018 Michele Buda, University of Washington
2017William Wahle, University of Maryland
2016 Diane Vo, University of Maryland
2015Aurora Dibner, University of Connecticut
2014 Matilda Dhima, Mayo Clinic
2013 Matthew R. Anderson, University of Washington
2012 Monica Parekh, University of Maryland Baltimore
2011 Seok-Hwan Cho,Baylor College of Dentistry
2010Daniel Domagala, Marquette University
2009 Islam Khasawneh, University of Maryland
2008 Keith L. Guzaitis, University of Chicago at Illinois
2007 Heather J. Conrad , University of Minnesota
2006 Kelly Copps Wood, Marquette University
2005 Phillip L.B. Tan, University of Iowa
2004 Vanessa Swain, University of Minnesota
2003 Luis G. Keys, University of Connecticut
2002 Periklis Proussaefs, Loma Linda University
2001 Salman A. Lakhani, University of Rochester
2000 Reza Heshmati, Marquette University
1999 Douglas E. Ford, Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center
1998 David G. Gratton, The University of Iowa
1997 Kevin H. O'Boyle, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
1996 Paula K. Ylihekkila, University of North Carolina
1995 Fonda G. Robinson, Medical College of Georgia
1994 Syed Faheem Rasool, Harvard University
1993 Louis Menegotto, University of Rochester
1992 No Award Given
1991 No Award Given
1990 Shane N. White, University of Southern California Los Angeles
1989 No Award Given
1988 Susan E. Brackett, University of Iowa
1987 Izchak Bartzilay, University of Rochester
1986 Anthony J.G. Dickinson, Indiana University
1985 George W. Kay, Harvard University
1984 Jeffrey L. Hudgins, Medical College of Virginia
1983 David Alan Chance
1982 No Award Given
1981 Timothy O. Hart
1980 Boris Schwartzman
James N. Ciesco, Loyola University

Tylman Research Grant and Award Program

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