American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics

Instructions for Membership Renewal and Dues Payment for 2019-2020

June 1 - August 31: Dues payable (regular membership renewal period)
September 1 - September 30: Dues payable plus $75late fee assessed
After October 1: Membership automatically suspended if dues are not paid
Reinstatement of suspendedmembership requires:
  • A petition for reinstatement approved by the Board of Directors
  • Payment ofthe regular membership fee plus late fee of $75 plus reinstatement fee of $175

Instructions (You should print this for your reference during the renewal/dues payment process):

To manage your dues via the website, the following steps are recommended.

1. Access the Academy website via

2. On the top menu, click "Member Services".
This will present a screen with access for your login ID and password.

3. Enter your login and password.

4. In the body of the webpage you'll see a welcome message and a link. Click "Renew Now".

5. Select your registration type, i. e. your national membership status, e. g. US MEMBER or INTERNATIONAL, CANADIAN or MEXICAN MEMBER.

6. Ensure contact information is accurate and complete. Please note the presence of mandatory fields that, if left incomplete will prohibit further steps in the renewal process (i.e. first and last name, birth date (can be blank) & email address). Fields that are not mandatory may be left blank if you wish. Once the member profile information is complete, please click .

7. The following screen presents your membership category with appropriate fees. If it is correct, click the "Checkout" button.

Note: If you chose the wrong fee category, click the checkbox to the left and then click the "Update Cart" button to remove the purchase from the website shopping cart. Return to the Member Services page and start over by clicking the "Renew Now" link and proceed as before.

8. The next screen shows your mailing address which is required by the credit card companies to validate the credit card. Click the "Continue" button to proceed.

9. The next screen is NOT on the AAFP website but is serviced by, our secure transaction gateway provider. Your address information should be carried over to this page,confirm the accuracy of your billing information and select your payment method. Click the "Submit" button.

The following screen will offer a statement of thanks, closing the interaction. Please refer to the "My Account" portion of your member profile on the AAFP website to keep track of your payments and invoices.

10. Should you have difficulty with the process please contact:

Dr. Douglas Phillips
Treasurer & Secretary for Guests
Toll Free phone (866) 254-0280
Fax 1-828-412-3931for secure data