Managing Complex Periodontal & Restorative Situations: Anterior Tooth Borne Restorations

Time: 8:15 AM, February 25, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Ryan Cook

Complex treatment plans require a multidisciplinary team approach to maximize therapeutic outcomes. Treating patients utilizing a multidisciplinary approach not only optimizes patient care, but also enhances a clinician’s diagnostic skills.
This presentation will review the fundamentals of a multidisciplinary approach and illustrates how state of the art technology can supplement these fundamentals resulting in clinical excellence. Multiple and single unit restorations will be discussed from the treatment planning phase to final restoration in a step by step fashion that allows for easy assimilation into everyday practice.


Course Objectives
1. Understanding restorative options in fixed prosthodontics and implant dentistry
2. How diagnosis, treatment planning and initial patient presentation effects: a. Final abutment selection b. Cost c. Esthetics d. Implant selection and location e. Occlusal scheme f. Type of final restoration g. Periodontal- Restorative Interface
3. Simplifying impression techniques
4. Understanding how periodontal phenotype and phenotype modification techniques enhance anterior tooth borne and implant restorations.
5. Ortho-Perio- Restorative factors that influence treatment outcomes
6. Understand the importance of treatment sequencing in multidisciplinary care.
7. Understanding how digital dentistry enhances communication.