Evolution: Adaptation to Survive and Strive in an Amazon World

Time: 2:15 PM, February 26, 2022
Speaker: Olivier Tric - MDT, CDT


The profession of Dentistry is in the middle of a metamorphosis. In this lecture Olivier Tric will offer insights on the current trends and the direction the dental profession is taking. He covers his recipe for achieving excellence on a daily basis focusing on layering techniques through an extensive analysis of his clinical cases. He also defines his strategy for long-term success that will help you reach a new level in your work quality, efficiency, marketing, and communication.
By the end of this lecture you will:
1. Acquire the knowledge to develop a simplified protocol for communicating different shade selections with your dental laboratory
2. Increase your understanding about different restorative materials and their properties for a better long-term prognosis
3. Increase your efficiency and predictability overall in your daily production