Esthetic Fixed Prostheses Materials:  Multi-Year Controlled Clinical Evaluation Related to Formulations & Expected Physical Properties

Time: 11:15 AM, February 26, 2022
Speaker: Dr. Rella Christensen

What happens clinically over time to the various zirconia formulations when they are subjected to a variety of laboratory technicians, dentists and patients?  Do they meet their marketing claims?  These questions are of high interest to clinicians trying to help patients make informed choices.  Some questions needing clinical answers include: 

  • How does adding coloring and increasing yttrium oxide affect clinical performance?
  • Is there a performance difference between polished & glazed zirconia?
  • Does formulation mixing make a clinical difference?
  • Why are clinicians experiencing retention loss of zirconia single-unit prostheses?
  • Does zirconia formulating/manufacturing origin make a clinical difference?

Visual data documenting clinical observations will be shown.


1. List two clinical indications for Class 5 zirconia use

2. List important considerations to avoid retention loss of zirconia restorations

3. Discuss indications for Class 5 zirconia versus Class 4 zirconia.

Dr. Rella Christensen