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Poster Presentation Program
The American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics invites applications for Posters Presentations at its Annual Scientific Session, at the Chicago Marriott Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. The Posters Program will be held in conjunction with a reception at 5:00-7:00PM on Friday.

Guidelines for Presenters

Categories of Posters Presentation

All presentations must be directly related to the clinical practice of fixed prosthodontics. Posters may include:

a) research presentations, provided they emphasize clinical aspects, problems, and applications; and

b) clinical topics, including useful techniques and innovative concepts.

Presentations of a commercial nature will not be allowed.

Presenters - First Presenter will get a $125 Reduction in Registration Fees. Only One Reduction Per Poster! (please note that this applies only to prosthodontics residents)

Posters may be presented by:

a) Academy members;

b) Non-members that are actively engaged in the clinical practice of fixed prosthodontics;

c) Students in accredited advanced prosthodontic programs; and

d) Certified laboratory technicians.

Other categories of presenters may be considered on an individual basis.

A maximum of two presenters will be allowed for each Poster, but other co-authors may be acknowledged as part of the presentation. Applications submitted by advanced prosthodontic students must be co-signed by the program director.

Format of Posters Presentations

The Presentation should present the topic in an organized and concise manner, not lasting more than 5-10 minutes so that it can be repeated for multiple small groups of meeting attendees.

The Only format for presentation is:

Poster Presentation.

There will be no laptop presentations

Posters must be designed to be freestanding on the table, as no other means of support will be provided. Live patient treatment is not allowed. All written material (posters, title slides, flip charts, etc.) and illustrations should be designed so that they can be viewed and read from a distance of 5 feet or more.

Limited numbers of easels might be available. Easels can be provided ONLY if requested no later than three weeks prior to the presentation. The request needs to include the size of the poster. Presenters have the option to have their posters printed at the Kinkos/FedEx store which is located inside the Marriott. For colored posters, the store charges $15 per square foot, and can be mounted on a foam board at an extra $3 per square foot (for example, a mounted poster of 3' x 4', approximate cost is $216).


All applications must include an abstract of the presentation that will be reviewed by the Posters Presentations Committee for inclusion in the program. Abstracts should not exceed one page, double-spaced, with minimum 12 point type size. Abstracts should be headed by the title of the presentation (12 words maximum) and the name/s of the presenter/s.

All abstracts should include:

a) A description of the clinical problem justifying the research or the clinical technique being presented;

b) The purpose of the presentation; and

c) The clinical implications and applications of the research results or demonstrated technique.

Research abstracts should include a description of the research methods and results, but must emphasize clinical aspects, problems and applications.

Clinical abstracts should include a description of the relationship of the technique or concept presented to other similar accepted techniques.

AAFP Posters Awards of Excellence

Posters applications will continue as in the past, and everyone is eligible to apply. Those who desire consideration for the award will indicate their interest on their poster application form, by checking the Line in the application that refers to this award on the bottom of the application form. One Research and one Clinical Award will be presented and the award recipient in each class will be recognized at the closing portion of the Saturday scientific session. For those interested in application, and introductory abstract will be submitted for consideration (Abstracts description are similar as in the paragraph listed above in this guidelines) .

Honorarium and Reimbursement of Presenters

No honorarium or reimbursement for travel, presentation or other expenses will be provided by the Academy. The Academy will waive the meeting registration fee only for prosthodontics residents and only one presenter per poster.

Application forms may be obtained from the Academy website, or from the Poster Presentations Committee Chairperson, Dr. Ramtin Sadid-Zadeh. Applications must be received by the Chairperson by October 15. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial by November 1. Please submit applications, registration forms and requests for information by e-mail. Submissions by mail or fax must be received by October 15. E-mail is preferable.

Ramtin Sadid-Zadeh

Dr. Ramtin Sadid-Zadeh
AAFP Poster Presentation Committee Chair
Department of Restorative Dentistry
School of Dental Medicine
215 Squire Hall

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