American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics

Membership Application Instructions

Deadline for application is January 1 of each year.

Nomination is initiated by two Academy members who are well acquainted with the candidate and will serve as sponsors.

The new member candidate must:

  • Complete and sign the Membership Application form
  • Forward the application, to their Academy sponsors
  • Complete payment of fees and registration for the Annual Scientific Session at which his/her nomination will be considered. 
  • Appear for an interview with the Credentials Committee, scheduled on the Thursday immediately preceding the Annual Scientific Session

The Academy member sponsors will:

  • Affirm that the candidate is deserving of nomination
  • Verify that the application is complete, including all required fees
  • Sign and return the application to the Academy Secretary by January 1 prior to the meeting at which the candidate's nomination will be considered to the address below:
    Dr. Stephen Rosenstiel
    Office of the Secretary

    The American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics
    6661 Merwin Road
    Columbus, Oh 43235
    Tel +1 614 761-1927
    Fax +1 614 292-9422

  • Submit a letter of support for the candidate with the application (primary sponsor only)
  • Appear before the Credentials Committee on behalf of the candidate, if requested
The application must include:
  • Completed and typewritten application form 
  • A copy of the receipt for Application fee (non-refundable) this include the meeting registration. This must be paid online.
  • Sponsors' letter of support evaluating the candidate's credentials

Completed application must be received by the Academy Secretary by January 1 prior to the Annual Scientific Session at which the candidate's nomination will be considered.

The candidate's application will be acted on by the:

  • Credentials Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • General membership of the Academy

The new member will be recognized before the general membership during the Friday Luncheon at the Annual Scientific Session.

Download Membership Application Form