American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics

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David R. Burns, D.M.D.

-Biographies researched and submitted by
Dr. Wayne Campagni

Past Presidents

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2015-2016Steve Morgano
2014-2015Jack Lipkin
1968-1969 E. Edward Kraus*
1967-1968 Joseph E. Ewing*
1966-1967 Willis Edward Corry*
1965-1966 Robert Conley Zeisz*
1964-1965 John D. Adams*
1963-1964 Fred Norman Bazola*
1962-1963 Ernest B. Nuttall*
1961-1962 Everett Carl Brooks*
1960-1961 William H. Hagen*
1959-1960 Stanley D. Tylman*
1958-1959 Francis B. Vedder*
1957-1958 George H. Moulton*
1956-1957 L. Walter Brown, Jr.*
1955-1956 Earl Allen Nelson*
1954-1955 E. David Shooshan*
1953-1954 Robert P. Dressel*
1952-1953 Claude R. Baker*

* Deceased